A Heartbeat at Home Movie Night - A Heartbeat at Home Movie Night

WHAT is A Heartbeat at Home Movie Night?

A Heartbeat at Home Movie Night is a collaborative effort to raise funds and awareness for Save a Child’s Heart. Open your heart and home by inviting your friends and family over to watch ‘A Heartbeat Away’. You choose the date, the guests, and the 'ticket' price, and we’ll provide the movie and snacks!

Through Save a Child’s Heart, it costs $18,000 to support surgery and care for a child in need. Our goal is to change lives. As many as we can. Help us reach our goal. 

WHY Save a Child's Heart?
Imagine having to watch your child struggle to catch their breath. Imagine watching their lips and fingers turn blue. Now imagine not having a doctor or a hospital to take them to. 

There are thousands of children living in some of the world's poorest countries that face this problem every day. With a lack of access to the skilled medical personnel they require , they have little chance of living the long and healthy life they deserve.

Save a Child's Heart addresses this problem by providing life-saving treatment to children and training to medical professionals from developing countries.